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2015: Such a well.organised event, well done to all that was part of making it successful, see you next year hopefully! 😄 (Sara Milsom) *** Just a short note to say well done. Always pleased with how slick and well organised the event is. (David Strauss) *** Great race, again. I really enjoyed it and, as usual, it was well organised and well marshalled. I just have to get faster ☺ (Ruth Starsmeare) *** ...a well organised race with helpful marshals and supporters all around the course. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and welcoming and had a broad smile for us all. The course itself was testing and quite unique. The right amount of varying conditions along with the killer hills. We all did the race because we like to be tested. Everyone has to do the same course, so it really does show who is focused fit. It was exciting, challenging and a real experience to remember. i certainly will be back again next year. (Mike Mills) *** Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed today's event. Great start with a bacon butty and a cup of tea. Lovely route well signed and marshalled. It would be churlish to comment on the loo's as I understand that next year (and I will be there next year) it will be different. Thanks to everyone involved, a great event. p.s. Love the shirt. (Tony Ripley)

2014: Thanks very much for all your hard work to arrange such a good event, hard but very enjoyable. (Jim Dundas) *** Thank you for such an enjoyable (if slippery !) event (Martin Jezzard) *** It was the first race that I have done for two years, and yes I really enjoyed it. *** In particular the marshalls were really lovely. (Marie Cashon) *** Great Day out on my 57th Birthday, Fantastic event, great cakes and tea, Made lots of friends, All the best lovely part of the world. (Trevor Swann)

2013: Very many thanks for a splendid, challenging mornings sport, and particularly to your Marshals, who seemed to have words of encouragement or sensible advice for every runner. I do know that these events cannot happen without the massive efforts of unpaid organisers and volunteers, so my thanks to all of you for the 2013 Hurstbourne 5 (Tony Crowther) *** A great event! I missed last year, but took part the year before, & remembered it to be a nice location & occasion, as well as the run itself being a challenge. So this year I wasn’t disappointed – even hung around in the car park afterwards to watch the lambs for a while J I’d forgotten about “survivors” t shirts, so that was a nice souvenir. And I was a keen participant in the purchase of tea & cake. So overall a lovely day… (morning)! (Colin Dibley) *** Great Race , nice and informal (Chris Treacher) *** Thanks for a very well organised event on Saturday especially the enthusiastic course marshals and the sympathetically marked course. (Mike Strong) *** Well done on organising a great race. Enjoyed it all even the hill just before 4 miles which I wasn`t expecting! My wife liked the cakes. (Dave Wright) *** Thank to everyone for the race today. It’s a bit hilly! I didn’t realise that my 5 mile run would include 2 miles of sideways sliding in the mud! And so much vertically. (Jason Aymes)

2012: Thank you for Saturday, I really enjoyed this event (a no pressure race and put the fun element back into my running). Well done for a really well organised race etc. Please can you thank the Marshalls for their support on the route, fabulous? (Sharon Harvey) *** What a great event, I really enjoyed the run – tough old hills but loved every minute of it. Congratulations on organising such a terrific event. (Rob Harrison) *** brilliantly organised. The marshalls were terrific, and I was extremely impressed that someone had bothered to paint the roots on that downhill slippery section bright orange. For someone of my age (68) that's just what I need. I know how much hard work goes into these races which we all thoroughly enjoy so thank you very much. Its such a good event, and the cake and tea at the end were extremely welcome. Your Tshirts (I have one from 2009) are excellent wear in the garden!! I shall definitely be back next year. (Penny Ealand) *** Thanks for such an amazing event yesterday. I really enjoyed it as I don’t think that I have splashed about in so many muddy puddles for around 50 years! The marshals were fantastic, please pass on my thanks to them as was the organisation. Looking forward to next year! (Jan North) *** I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's run, despite the weather! (Wendy Couper) *** Many thanks for all the organisation and hard work that went into putting the race on today. The marshals were excellent and the course was well marked out. It’s a brilliant little race and I’ll try to get a few more runners out from our club for next year! (Sam Hall) *** Very much enjoyed this morning's race. Excellent marshalling and well signed route - and there were still bacon baps and delicious cakes available after I'd finished :-) (Julie Leppard) *** Just a quick note to compliment the wonderful marshalls who were smiling and encouraging throughout, even though they must have been wet and cold! (Nneka Okonta)

2011: What a great event I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday. (Luke Vayle) *** We all really enjoyed the event - the kids especially as they both completed the fun run, had some cake and got to spend some time on the playground. Far more fun for them than your average running event! (Marie Coultas) *** Great event as ever - although I hate that last hill! I'll be back next year for race No 4…(Matthew Morton) *** Many thanks for Saturday's race - once again most enjoyable in all respects, not least the efficient and friendly organisation! It's the sort of race I like! Views? - I was to busy looking where I was putting my feet! But the smell of bacon cooking was something else....(Tim Hughes)

2010: Fantastic atrmosphere, lovely marshals, beautiful course and great weather again. The race is one of those "What the hell am I doing" and "never again", but as soon as it's over and euphoria strikes; next years training schedule is already being worked out. The coffee and walnut cake was good enough to fight for.............. (Paola Jane) *** Thank you once again for a fantastic race :) (Anita Lim) **** A really enjoyable race. Well organised, lovely village, friendly atmosphere. See you next time. (I. Lowe) *** I'd like to say how much I enjoyed the race on Saturday. It brought back happy memories of the Bourne Valley Half, although it was much better, being off-road! I only fell over once and found the mud very hard! A high point was a very close encounter with a muntjac deer in the woods! (Tim Povey)

2009: It was my first race for over 15 years, and really has me sparked up and looking for more, so thanks for enthusing me. I noticed at the finish a few grumbles about too many hills and too much mud, well I wholeheartedly disagree. It was absolutely fine, even for a returning newbie like me. I'll certainly be looking to run it next year, especially if you're able to squeeze a 10 miler into the available land! (Ciemon Dunville) *** I SURVIVED!!!! Many thanks for a very special race; absolute killer (especially the last hill!!), but that was the sort of pain and suffering that must be repeated next year...The organisation was fantastic and the encouragement from the Marshalls was the only thing that carried me to the finish...............Many many thanks. (Paola Coldicott) *** Great race, well organised and look forward to next year. (Neal James-Crook)

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